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Doggy Day-care
and more..

"A dog is the only thing on earth that will love you more than you love yourself"

Dogs love to run, jump and play, and that's just what we encourage here at Love My Dog Resort and Spa. Dogs get to spend their day in play groups in a clean and safe environment.

Furry friends immediately greet them ready for a long day of play. By the time parents arrive to pick up their dogs from doggie day care, they find their dog tired, hungry and ready to go to bed . This a dream come true for the equally tired pet owner.

The benefits of allowing your dog to attend doggie day care are astounding. For young dogs it teaches them valuable social skills that will help them learn how to properly meet and interact with a variety of other dogs.

It also helps young puppies with their potty training because we keep them on a routine potty schedule. Very hyper dogs are given proper outlet for all that energy. This way, you can simply relax and enjoy their company at home and not have a dog demanding attention and exercise.